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Please join Australian Writer and Principal of Mountain Mist Productions, L P King, as she shares her personal journey and interests from beautiful tropical Capricornia.

Welcome to a world filled with the Authors and Artists who are Members of Mountain Mist Productions. Since the year 2000, these special people have come together to share their many talents and interests worldwide.

And as always, the whispering mountain mist lingers lovingly in the background, a constant reminder of an inspirational time in a precious mountain community.

Now a busy rural lifestyle in a peaceful tropical setting is made complete by homesteading, writing, books, poetry, art, crafting, dollmaking and animals.

 All of this is complimented professionally by the various Mountain Mist Productions Websites and publications, as well as the planned Twyckwick® Community, where going back in time reclaims a world all but lost to modern generations.

Thank you for visiting.

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