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August comes...


For some of us this time of the year brings back memories of "August winds" and the winds seem to have come early on the mountain this year. Some days are entrancingly beautiful and others just conjure up those August winds whipping across the plains, piercing your very soul. On the plains or on a mountain, life goes on and so do we.


The stories continue to come in and some will be incorporated into our new project. I have enjoyed the interaction with people but I just wish other businesses would make more of an effort to get to know others. Nothing beats real conversation and we fully appreciate that our friends are there when we need them. No one can know or do everything and it makes sense that we all should co-operate and work together. It's really easy - if people would only let go of the old pride, ego and just plain stubborness... they might be very pleasantly surprised. There is nothing wrong with admitting you could use a little help and two (or three or four) heads are better than one sometimes. People make their own choices but, just as with real life, we are seeing a shift in the digital world which points to potential alienation and isolation. Sad to see all the scurrilous behaviour and any interest there appears to be is merely a veiled front for exploitation.


We've made our own choices and by now most people know how we operate. Rest assured we truly love and appreciate our specials and I am very proud of the fact that most people we work with have been with us from the very beginning and they too are part of our mountain family. And again I thank all of you for your support and encouragement. Above all I want to stress that we are trying to build something that will be enjoyable, just like the old days. Please don't be afraid - of anything. You learn by doing, remember. Read More, Talk More, Live More....








Keep an eye on our Bulletin Board for the latest updates. I'll try and keep on top of it!


See you next time!



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